The Syfy phenomenon known as “Sharknado” can’t possibly be over after a single night. Instead, the network has plans to re-air the movie and there are already talks of a sequel. What could we expect from a follow-up to this shark-weather disaster?

Ideas seem to include Johnny Depp, “Lost” creator Damon Lindelof, Mia Farrow and Vietnamese animation. Also, Tara Reid is totally up for doing it all again.

“Sharknado 2, according to the producers

Micho Rutare and David Latt are the producers behind “Sharknado,” and they have big plans for the future. Their Asylum production company is already making plans for a sequel, and the two men are not above joking ideas for it.

“We want Damon Lindelof to write the sequel,” Rutare told The Hollywood Reporter. “He said he would, and I don’t know if he’s serious or not, but we can do it right now.”

Whether he can get Lindelof to write or not, Latt is looking to amp-up the star power in “Sharknado 2.”Ian Ziering paved the way for the next installment to have Johnny Depp,” he said. “He’s a trailblazer, so we’re going to go out to Depp next time. It’s going to be a tough negotiation to get Ian back, but we’ll figure it out … We’re going to have to negotiate with Mia Farrow to star in the film so it might be Mia Farrow Presents.”

Tara Reid is in

Even if Asylum can’t get some new big names interested in a “Sharknado” sequel, the first movie’s star, Tara Reid, is ready to go. Reid told TMZ that she would totally fight more sharks in the future. “I’m just so glad that people saw the humor in [“Sharknado”] that I did … because it’s hilarious,” Reid explained.

Will the rest of the cast return too? Those that survived most likely would love it.

The Taiwanese animators get in on the shark game

The busy people at the Taiwanese animation studio, NMA, wasted no time in getting a trailer made for **their idea of a “Sharknado” sequel. In honor of the typhoon heading toward Asia right now, they went with “Sharkphoon.”

It’s kind of amazing. In addition to the requisite “giant shark leaps into the air to eat someone” scenes, NMA includes a shark attack at a pop concert, a Transformer battle and sharks that cause the typhoon to start. Why wait around for weird weather conditions when you can do it yourself, after all?

Posted by:Laurel Brown