In case you haven’t heard, Syfy is debuting one of its patented monster movies on Thursday night (July 11) — “Sharknado,” starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering. In a conference call with the press about the movie, Reid reiterated (many times) about how crazy the concept is.

As if we hadn’t already sussed that out by the title of the film. But either way, here are the greatest Tara Reid lines from the conference call:

  • “There weren’t thousands sharks in the sky. … it was just mostly CGI and you just had to have like a really good imagination.”
  • “There are moments of seriousness, but when you really look at it, you can’t really take this movie serious.”
  • “[The Sharknado] just lands on her. You know, she’s in her house and her ex-husband, played by Ian Ziering, comes in and says, ‘Look, there’s going to be a bad storm and there’re sharks everywhere,’ and she thinks he’s out of his mind. She’s like yes, OK, like sharks are flying in Beverly Hills. Are you joking me? And you know, before you know it — boom, there’s a shark through the pool that jumps through and then there’re sharks coming everywhere.”
  • “I hate sharks, personally, to be honest with you.”
  • “The whole movie was an actual, fun movie. It was fun to make, you just had to have a crazy imagination. And just the whole concept of sharks flying in the sky, in Beverly Hills — it’s just crazy.”
  • [SPOILER ALERT] “Probably the most ridiculous [kill] is Ian Ziering, being in the shark stomach and cutting it out with a chainsaw. So ridiculous. That’s insane but absolutely funny. I mean, it’s crazy.”
  • “I didn’t really learn anything about sharks. It wasn’t like, ‘Be careful with this shark because you’re going to get bitten,’ because it was all complete sci-fi and digital. So, no, I didn’t learn anything about sharks. I just knew that, you know, run from sharks if you see them. You don’t want to get eaten.”


“Sharknado” premieres Thursday, July 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy.

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