shemar moore criminal minds 325 nc 'Criminal Minds' Shemar Moore: 'I'm not allowed to get a girlfriend'Zap2it: Since “Criminal Minds” is about FBI profilers chasing criminals, how much time can be devoted to the characters’ personal lives?

Shemar Moore: In the real world of FBI profilers, you’ve only got 72 hours to stop a serial killer or a criminal. So there’s no time for hanky-panky, and there’s no time to sit down and have a beer and see the private lives of our characters. But every so often, the show has been good about giving us some storylines to where you really see our characters affected or what they’re about outside the job.

Zap2it: Your character, FBI Agent Derek Morgan, has a playful, platonic flirtation with quirky technical analyst Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) — but so far it hasn’t tipped over into romance. What do you think about that?

Shemar Moore: I wouldn’t want them to [have a romance]. Nothing against Kirsten; I love Kirsten. It would take the magic away. Once you consummate the relationship, once we start playing kissy-face, laying in bed on purpose — where do you go from there? I just think the big-brother/little-sister, that kind of love affair, with the one-liners and the pet names … it’s a lot more interesting that the big, tough guy has a weak spot for the nerdy little computer tech.

Zap2it: What’s up with Derek’s love life?

Shemar Moore: I’ve had two girlfriends in eight years, and they lasted about two-and-a-half episodes. It’s OK for Penelope Garcia to get goofy Kevin as a boyfriend, but I’m not allowed to get a girlfriend, because then I’m cheating on Garcia.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare