“Sherlock” star Benedict Cumberbatch has said on several occasions that he resembles an otter. Now that assertion can be put to the test since a river otter at the Tennessee Aquarium has been named Benedict in honor of the actor.

Below you can see Cumberbatch and Benny, as he is more typically known. You can probably tell them apart.

benedict cumberbatch gi otter tennessee aquarium 'Sherlock's' Benedict Cumberbatch has a namesake otter in TennesseeBenny really is named after the actor, thanks to a Facebook contest sponsored by the Chattanooga-based aquarium. In April 2014, the Tennessee Aquarium asked fans to name 7 otters via Facebook. While dozens of names were submitted, many users agreed that one particular animal had to be named Benedict.

Thus, Benedict the otter joined Delmar, Maya, Louie, Scout, Hunter and Digger in the newly built otter habitat.

The aquarium freely admits the source of Benny’s name. In a release published by the Radio Times, a spokesperson says that “guests may want to take pictures of Benny to see if his handsome face matches the actor’s facial features.”

Are Benny and Benedict Cumberbatch twins? You decide.

Posted by:Laurel Brown