“Sherlock” Season 3 has released a spoiler-heavy behind-the-scenes video featuring interviews with stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, executive producers Steven Moffatt and Mark Gatiss and more. Find out what’s coming before the new season premieres.

The most entertaining way to deal with this is of course to watch the interviews. But if you don’t have the three minutes for that, here are some highlights.

  • “The main thing we can expect from episode 1 is Sherlock and John being reunited,” Freeman said of the premiere, “The Empty Hearse.”
  • Speaking of the reunion between Sherlock and Watson, the show’s producers were enthusiastic. “It goes on for a long time, and I’ve watched it many, many times,” Moffatt said. Gatiss added, “It makes my hair stand on-end. It’s so beautifully played.”
  • Freeman doesn’t describe his character’s reunion with Holmes as being happy. “It’s dangerous emotionally, but it’s dangerous physically. ‘Cause he knows John will be immensely upset,” he said. Considering that Watson is the violent one of the pair, this is a good point.
  • Gatiss agrees that this is the cast. “We thought it would be very interesting and entertaining territory and great stuff from Martin and Benedict to act if he doesn’t take it lying down. But then Sherlock comes back to a world he expects to be exactly the same, but nothing will be the same.”
  • What’s coming for Sherlock Holmes in the season? Cumberbatch has the (vague) answer. “Sherlock’s journey in the third series is re-assimilation. It’s very much from the point of view of learning and adjusting to being brilliant, to having to confront something which points out that he is frail, that he is human.”

“Sherlock” Season 3 premieres Wednesday (Jan. 1) in the U.K. and on Jan. 19 in the U.S.

Posted by:Laurel Brown