Get ready for the biggest shock of “Sherlock” Season 3: Sherlock Holmes has a girlfriend!

Yes, the great detective has finally made room for some love in his life, and the woman of choice is Janine, Mary’s bridesmaid from the previous episode, “The Sign of Three.” A video clip from “His Final Vow” shows just how surprised Watson is on meeting the lady at Baker Street.

Why is Sherlock dating Janine? Like John, most viewers aren’t going to believe talk of affirmations and love, so there has to be another motivation behind the relationship. What that motivation is, however, does not get revealed in this clip. All the audience gets to see is some gushy PDA between Janine and “Sherly.”

Frighteningly, this is not the biggest shock of the “Sherlock” Season 3 finale. What is? You will have to wait for the episode to air on Sunday, Feb. 2 to find out.

(Or you can get spoiled with Zap2it’s recap of “His Final Vow” and get the shock right now.)

Posted by:Laurel Brown