sherlock season 4 benedict cumberbatch martin freeman bbc 'Sherlock' Season 4: Benedict Cumberbatch confirms the series will return

There will be a “Sherlock” Season 4 according to the show’s star, Benedict Cumberbatch. Despite the BBC series’ stars’ growing demand in movies, this Sherlock Holmes update will return for an additional season following the upcoming Season 3.

Cumberbatch spilled the news when speaking with Radio Times on Tuesday (March 12). “We’ve agreed to two more series but I could get into trouble for saying that,” Cumberbatch revealed in an interview. “All I know at the moment is I’m doing these three [Season 3 episodes] and another three.”

Note: British “series” means the same as the American term, “season.”

Could there be even more “Sherlock” after Season 4? If Cumberbatch gets his wish — and if co-star Martin Freeman and series co-creator Steven Moffat are available — then the answer is yes. “It just depends on Martin and I’s availability, how long we can keep it going. It depends on Steven’s ability. I’d love to keep it going.”

Starring Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Freeman as John Watson, “Sherlock” has been a hit both in the UK and the US. Unfortunately for the show, both Cumberbatch and Freeman have become rather sought-after film actors over the past few years. Season 3 has already had to adjust production to work around the actors’ film commitments.

“Sherlock” Season 3 will begin filming on Monday, March 18 and BBC One will most likely air the season the following winter. Assuming Season 4 stays on a similar production schedule, those episodes will probably not appear until late 2014 or early 2015.

Posted by:Laurel Brown