sheryl crow Sheryl Crow to write music for Broadway version of 'Diner'

Shrek,” “The Lion King,” “Spider-man,” “Diner.” No, not the movies. The Broadway musicals. Yes, the 1982 Barry Levinson movie “Diner” is coming to Broadway, folks. And since Bono and the Edge were busy, Sheryl Crow has been tapped to write the music and the lyrics.

“Diner” is set in 1959 and follows a group of high school friends who reunite for a wedding; the group reconvene at the Fells Point Diner, their teenage hangout. The movie stars Steve Guttenberg (it was the 80s), Daniel Stern, Mickey Rourke, Kevin Bacon, Tim Daly and Paul Reiser

Crow, by her own admission, is a “huge fan of ‘Diner’…I knew exactly who these men and women were and I feverishly began writing.”

Alongside Sheryl Crow, Tony Award-winner Kathleen Marshall will direct and choreograph. We can only hope that Steve Guttenberg reprises his role; after all, how full can his schedule possibly be?

SHERYL CROW FUN FACT: She sang back-up vocals for Michael Jackson. It’s true! Look it up!

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