dexter spinoff season 9 showtime Could a 'Dexter' spinoff still happen at Showtime?Serial killer Dexter Morgan is alive and presumably well, as we learned at the end of Showtime’s long-running drama “Dexter.” But there is a possibility that he could live on in a new series, teases Showtime president David Nevins.

“It’s always win the realm of possibility,” he tells reporters at the 2014 Television Critics Association summer press tour. “It worked for Jack Bauer; it worked for the Bluth family.”

One thing that was never a possibility: Dexter dying at the end of the show. “No one ever even pitched to me the idea of killing Dexter,” Nevins says. “The only one who wanted to die was David Duchovny. Maybe half-facetiously he always thought Hank Moody should go out in a blaze of glory.”

But Dexter, however, was not going to die. “In all honestly, it was never discussed.”

Of course, just because the possibility of a spinoff exists doesn’t mean it’s actually in the works. “There’s nothing really actively happening,” Nevins says.

Posted by:Jean Bentley