david nevins showtime wheel of time tv series gi Showtime is open to 'Game of Thrones' type fantasy, like 'Wheel of Time'Comic book TV shows are having their time in the spotlight, and fantasy book adaptations seem to be the next big inspiration for cable networks. With “Game of Thrones” bringing in the most Emmy nominations in 2014, “Outlander” shaping up to be huge for Starz and MTV ordering a 10-episode season of Terry Brooks’ “Shannara,” it’s a waiting game to see what beloved franchise gets brought to the small screen next.

During a group interview at the 2014 summer TV press tour, Zap2it asked Showtime president David Nevins if he’s interested in bringing a fantasy book series that hasn’t yet been adapted, like Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time,” to Showtime. He says he is “always open” to pitches that capture his attention.
“I’ve heard pitches for [‘Shannara’]. ‘Halo’ to some extent fits in that category; not a book, but a beloved property. It’s always possible,” he says.
Nevins notes that a tentpole fantasy series isn’t something he’s “actively looking for” at Showtime, but he doesn’t want to get “too weighted in that direction.” “[I’m] definitely open to it,” Nevins notes. 

Aspiring TV writers, get your pitches lined up.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz