simon cowell lauren silverman baby mansion Simon Cowell giving baby mama $10M mansion in Beverly Hills

It pays to be king, or at least it pays to be pregnant with the king’s baby. It sounds like Lauren Silverman may be moving on up, to a fancy Beverly Hills mansion, care of the father of her baby, “X Factor” judge Simon Cowell.
A report in the Mirror says Cowell is giving Lauren a $10 million mansion he owns in the posh area of Los Angeles, in order for his baby to be close to where he is based.
Don’t expect Simon to move in with her, though. While Lauren may be going through a divorce with her husband, Andrew Silverman, the site says that Cowell will continue to live at another of his houses. In fact, it might not be a good sign for any possible relationship between the two.
A source says that one of Simon’s houses is a parting gift more than one of his ex-girlfriends has received in the past. Still, it’s not a bad deal for Silverman. The house is 7,265 square feet with oceans views, a pool and a screening room. It also happens to be surrounded by neighbors like Elton John and Ringo Starr.
There are far worse places for the kid to grow up.
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