x factor season 4 simon cowell Simon Cowell says 'The X Factor' Season 4 could be one night“The X Factor,” despite its occasional high-profile judges, has always made fewer headlines than FOX’s still-trucking-along superstar reality hit “American Idol.” But it’s evolved every year, and Simon Cowell says he and the rest of the producers have learned from their mistakes and already have changes in mind for a potential Season 4.

“We have an idea in our heads,” he tells Zap2it and a small group of reporters backstage after “The X Factor” Top 6 results show. “We learned a lot about what we did wrong and what we did right. Things I think would make the show more exciting. But most importantly is we have to trust our A&R abilities, that this show can find better artists that anyone else. That’s the future of the show.”

There have been reports that Cowell and Co. are considering a switch to a one-night format, a la “Dancing With the Stars” this fall, and he confirms that’s one of the options he is mulling over. “I think that’s gonna be the pattern going forward,” he says. “That’s how we started in the U.K. — we started off making one-hour shows and 90-minute shows, and now you have two-hour shows and two-and-a-half hour shows and they’re like marathons. You know, I like two-hour shows. Everything’s contained.”

With “American Idol” moving (back) to a half-hour results show for its coming season, it’s safe to say if “The X Factor” does come back for Season 4, it definitely won’t look the same as it does now.

Posted by:Jean Bentley