planes dusty crophopper dane cook disney Sinbad tells Dane Cook 'yo mama' joke in new 'Planes' clipDisney’s next 3D animated release, “Planes,” boasts a star-studded voice cast including Dane Cook as cropduster Dusty Chrophopper, Val Kilmer, Teri Hatcher, and a parade of comedy all-stars like Larry the Cable Guy, Cedric the Entertainer, Sinbad and Brad Garrett.

The voice of the latter two can be heard a new clip that sees Dusty make his way to the runay in attempt to fulfill his dream of big league aerial racing. As the race announcer, Roper (Sinbad), looks for the next contestant, Dusty (Cook) pipes up.

“Landscaping was yesterday, man. Get off the runway,” Roper tells Dusty. “We’re racing here.” When Dusty identifies himself as the racer they’re calling for, Roper replies, “You’re Strut Jetstream? A cropduster?” Then he goes for the jugular. “Man, yo mama must have had high hopes for you,” Roper says. “You know you’re built for seed, not speed.”

As Dusty is heckled, his fuel truck pal, Chug (Garrett) is forced to defend himself against the naysayers as well. “Who you calling leaky,” he asks. “I’ll leak on you if you don’t check your end date.” Cute.

“Planes” is in theaters Aug. 9.

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