sister wives honeymoon special 'Sister Wives: Honeymoon Special': The polygamous animal kingdomHey look, new wife Robyn got added to the “Sister Wives” opening video credit; that’s fun. And does the male ring in the title card have a fourth female ring dangling down and last season it only had three? We think it does.

The Honeymoon

Robyn and Kody are in San Diego for their honeymoon after their 10-month courtship, which is apparently really long for their lifestyle. They tell us that most courtships are 60 to 90 days.

They go surfing and smooch and do all these cute couple-y things, including a trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. That stop is particularly hilarious because there are several polygamous animals, like rhinos and lions.

Back at the hotel, Robyn says she insists that Kody call regularly home to the wives. Kody says he has to step it up with a new wife, become a better man and grow up a bit.   

The Ranch

Back in Utah, the wives are holding down the fort with the kids. They have taken Robyn’s kids in while Robyn and Kody are on their honeymoon, even though Robyn left them with her mom. The wives don’t love that the honeymoon is 11 days long. It looks like Meri is just missing Kody, but that Janelle and Christine are jealous.

Christine relays that she and Kody went on a road trip honeymoon with no itinerary, whereas Meri was sick for her honeymoon, so they delayed it and then hurried through one later in Yellowstone. Janelle says she road-tripped to Wyoming too. Meri acknowledges that they struggle with Robyn getting a bigger, better wedding/reception/honeymoon. It makes them feel less important.

When they take the kids on a picnic, the wives talk about oldest child Logan really stepping up while Kody is gone. They obviously don’t think he’s a grown man, but they appreciate how responsible he is.

They get a little emotional talking about missing Kody and dealing with jealousy. Janelle admits she ignored Kody’s call for the first few days of the honeymoon because she was upset with him. Wow, Janelle’s hard core.

It turns out Janelle’s relationship with Kody started as friendship and the fact that they are still really great friends makes the other wives jealous.

When Kody and Robyn return, Christine calls Robyn crying and asks Robyn to say she really needed this, which is all Christine needs to hear, apparently?You would think that would be obvious — her situation is not the same .

Robyn confesses that her sisterhood relationship that was there initially kind of got yanked out from under her once the jealousies came out. But she says it’s getting better. Meanwhile her kids seem to be fitting right in, which is nice to see.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Why on earth would the three wives at home take all the kids on a picnic up to the mountains? Oof, what a circus.
  • We love Kody’s comment about zip-lining: “I’ve got four wives. Nothing scares me but poverty.”
  • We thought the honeymoon special was just as interesting as the first season of the show, so this has just whetted our whistles for the second season. Are you guys as excited as we are for the show to come back in the spring?

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