babylon-fields-original-pilot-amber-tamblyn.jpgA pilot that was originally developed six years ago at CBS is being brought back from the dead, this time at NBC.

The “back from the dead” part is especially apt here, because the show, “Babylon Fields,” is about what happens when the dead rise from their graves in a town on Long Island. Deadline reports NBC has ordered a new pilot from writers Gerald Cuesta and Michael Atkinson and director Gerald Cuesta (“Homeland,” “Dexter”), Gerald’s brother. The trio had the same roles on the original pilot.

Jennifer Salke, now president of NBC Entertainment, helped develop the show at 20th Century Fox TV the first time around and was instrumental in helping bring it back.

“Babylon Fields” starred Amber Tamblyn, Kathy Baker and Ray Stevenson as living residents of Babylon, N.Y., who are understandably freaked out when they see long-dead relatives walking around. Jamey Sheridan and Leila Arcieri also starred. The show wasn’t a zombie story per se, as the undead could talk and think for themselves and, at least in the pilot, had no evident desire to eat brains.

The show had some positive word of mouth during its development, but CBS passed on it for the 2007-08 season — not a huge surprise, as it was a fairly un-CBS-like show. The pilot found an afterlife online, however, and with a slew of similar projects in the works (“Resurrection” at ABC, “The Returned” at A&E) and “The Walking Dead” one of the biggest hits on TV, a revival was maybe inevitable.

You can watch the original pilot in its entirety below.

Babylon Fields [2007][Unsold Pilot] by UnknownArchiveTV

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