kevin costner gi 'Skating With the Stars': Kevin Costner sees 'No Way Out' for Sean YoungKevin Costner is intrigued that one of his first leading ladies is about to go “Skating.”

The actor shared a hugely memorable limo ride with Sean Young in the 1987 melodrama “No Way Out,” so it comes as interesting news to him that she’ll be among the contenders when ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” spinoff “Skating With the Stars” premieres Monday, Nov. 22.

“I didn’t know she had that skill set,” Costner tells Zap2it. “You’d better have it for something like that, because you can’t even fake that. I’ve played baseball in movies (‘Bull Durham,’ ‘Field of Dreams,’ ‘For Love of the Game’), but I’d never do a hockey movie. I could never pull that off.”

Still known principally as the Oscar-winning filmmaker behind “Dances With Wolves” — and the star of such other hits as “The Untouchables” and “The Bodyguard” — Costner has turned musical lately. He hasn’t given up screen pursuits, but he now performs regularly with his band, Modern West; he’ll also host the Country Music Television (CMT) special “Artists of the Year” Friday, Dec. 3.

“I understand the responsibility that goes with it,” Costner says of being a film star who now does songs as well. “If I’ve chosen the music carefully, that will carry the day. I can’t carry a room for two hours any other way.”

Costner admits his association with sports films, also including the golf-themed “Tin Cup,” has given him a certain carte blanche status among athletes. “I have been given a lot of access,” he allows, “and I’ve never asked for it. Maybe that’s one reason I still have it. When a team asks me to work out with them, I always make sure that the coach and the players want it, and not just the owner.

“There’s nothing worse than to walk out in an uniform and have the guys feel they have to ‘make nice’ to you. For me, it’s always very important that the players want me with them out there. That’s the way I’ve always approached it, and it’s served me pretty well.”

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Posted by:Jay Bobbin