swts week 3 'Skating With the Stars' Week 3: Blood on the ice, metaphorically for Vince Neil

Week 2 taught us that celebrity carnage didn’t bring us the happiness we expected, but Week 3 reveals that it certainly makes for compelling TV.

We’re already at the halfway mark on “Skating With the Stars,” and it’s clearly taking its toll on the cast.
Brandon Mychal Smith left rehearsals in an ambulance earlier on show day, right around the time Jonny Moseley’s partner Brooke Castile took a skate to the hand, slicing her finger to the bone.

ABC made us sweat out the episode to see if Smith would make it back in time to perform (he didn’t), while Castile, in a show of super trooper-dom, skated with her hand in a brace.

So what do we with our stars in stitches and slings? Make ’em jump! The Week 3 challenge requires a leap from the ice and a one-foot landing. Let’s see who was up to the task.

Rebecca Budig and Fred Palascak (50 out of 60)
She may not have made headlines with her injury, but Budig didn’t emerge from “SWTS” hell week unscathed. A wrist injury sent her to the hospital, still permitting a cutesy ice dance to Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold.” Her chemistry with her partner continues to work to her advantage, and the judges are once again on her bandwagon.

Bethenny Frankel and Ethan Burgess (36)
Despite nothing but flattering remarks from the judges, Frankel seemed more rigid than she did in Week 2. And she agrees. After her praise and so-so scores, Bethenny didn’t seem too pleased with her performance in her white tutu. This is where color commentator Tanith Belbin took home the prize for the night’s most bizarre assessment with, “I feel like this is your wedding dress for your ice husband.”

Vince Neil and Jennifer Wester (36)
Dressed as Robert Young from a very casual Friday episode of “Father Knows Best,” Vince awkwardly toddled his way across the rink before being showered with unrealistic approval from the judges. And here is where we take our greatest issue with “SWTS.” If this were “Dancing” no one would be so kind. It’s like if you add ice, a blatant lack of skill is suddenly forgivable. If Dick Button really were a TCA agent who could X-Ray people for talent (we still don’t get it either), the terrorists would definitely win.

Jonny Moseley and Brooke Castile (51)
Brooke’s severed hand didn’t keep the duo from solidifying their status as favorites this week. They nailed their jump and looked happy doing it, despite the anxiety of the day’s events.

Brandon Mychal Smith and Keauna McLaughlin (349)
The only thing worse than watching blurred video of Smith barfing out the side of his gurney was having to endure everyone even remotely involved with this show asking McLaughlin how hard it was to not perform. She’s been crying for over an hour folks, its apparently pretty damn hard. They ended up being judged, in absentia, by a tape from a Sunday rehearsal.

The elimination

And so we say goodbye to Vince. He seems like a great guy, so its hard to send him on his way without a few pangs of regret, but he just couldn’t handle it. He scored lower than the guy who didn’t even show up.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell