lynda carter skin wars gi 'Skin Wars' guest judge Lynda Carter: 'It's shocking' what they can do with body paint

When former “Wonder Woman” star Lynda Carter agreed to appear as a guest judge on “Skin Wars,” she expected to have a good time with her friend RuPaul. However, it was the amazement of seeing what the contestants are able to create with body paint that really blew her away.
“I knew I’d have a wonderful time, but it’s also just this astonishing art form,” she tells Zap2it. “When you think about it, it’s hard enough putting your own makeup on, or certainly putting makeup on somebody. You’ve got a three-dimensional canvas. It changes from being hot to cold, it breathes, it perspires, it moves, it laughs and it does all these things.”
“Skin Wars” takes that canvas to a whole other level, as they mask the human body in a way that completely changes its shape. “It’s shocking. The shades of making something has sharp edges when the human body has no sharp edges,” she says. “It’s astonishing.”
It’s no easy job either, as Carter believes it takes a special kind of patience and endurance for not only the artists, but also their models. “I am so intolerant of makeup chairs by this point in my career,” she admits. “It’s torture just to get the nails and the hair. In my shows, I have it down to I can get ready in about 45 minutes. For these people, it’s all day.”
The body art isn’t the only thing Carter hopes people take away from her appearance, though. She also wants the world to know the RuPaul she knows. “I hope they show some of the asides that RuPaul says when he’s not being professional on camera, because he’s the funniest guy,” she says.
Carter appears as guest judge on the next episode of “Skin Wars,” airing Wednesday, Aug. 27, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on GSN.

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