skins ptc vs mtv child pornography 320 'Skins': Does MTV go too far? Zap2it readers sound off

Thursday’s (Jan. 21) news that the Parents Television Council (PTC) had stepped up their fight against MTV and its new series, “Skins,” has definitely raised some issues for viewers.
While the PTC is asking the federal government to look into possible child pornography violations, MTV has publicly expressed its confidence that the depictions in their TVMA-rated new series will pass any government investigations and reflects the reality of teenage Americans, as well as common American community standards.
MTV’s fight with the PTC raises several questions about censorship, parental responsibilities, and what we, as a country, deem to be inappropriate.
When Zap2it asked our readers if MTV’s “Skins” goes too far, you touched on several of the points we mentioned above. Of course, we wouldn’t expect any less from our opinonated, well-informed, TV and pop culture-literate readers!

In looking at the comments, Zap2it readers who feel that “Skins” doesn’t go too far and/or don’t support the PTC’s efforts were double those of readers who do feel the show has crossed the line and that the PTC are right in their battle against MTV.
Here’s what you’re saying:

Note: Some comments have been edited for grammar and content.
“Skins” doesn’t go too far and/ or I oppose the PTC’s efforts 
Meow Mix: Gawd. Apparently talking about drugs and alcohol on TV makes it 100 percent certain that children will use them. And apparently these so-called parents on the PTC have zero percent influence over what their children watch and learn.
If you’re stupid enough to let TV be the provider of your child’s morals, you don’t deserve to be a parent.
Otherwise, leave TV shows alone. No one is forcing you or your children to watch these shows. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Idiots.
Alex: The MTV version of the show is TAME compared to the [British] original, and no one over there seems to care. Maybe, it’s time for the U.S. to grow up a little. I remember a decade ago when MTV’s ‘Undressed’ was going to destroy the world. Today, you could probably show it on Nickelodeon.
Stacee: If parents don’t want their kids watching this stuff, they can full well set child controls or talk to their kids about the show. You know, do parent stuff? I don’t get why Americans always assign parenting on everyone BESIDES the parents themselves.
Steven Anderson: Showing a 17-year-old boy naked from behind is child pornography?? Both indie and mainstream Hollywood has done ‘worse’ than that for decades now. Think of all the skinny-dipping scenes involving kids under 18. For example, even DISNEY has done it (in ‘Pollyanna’)…
We Americans are FAR too uptight when it comes to nudity on screen or in books (art photography, for example). The world pretty much laughed at us when we had the whole fiasco over Janet Jackson’s ‘wardrobe malfunction’ at the Super Bowl. A little artistic nudity isn’t going to kill us, even if the person is under 18.
“Skins” goes too far and/ or I support the PTC’s efforts 
Rick: I think a lot of you are missing the point. I was under the impression that underage nudity/ sexual depiction is illegal. Doesn’t really matter what you think should or shouldn’t be shown. NAMBLA thinks you are a prude if you don’t believe it’s okay for a 40-year-old man to have sex with a 12-year-old boy. I guess ‘prudeness’ is in the eye of the beholder. I like to think that the PTC is a group of concerned mature adults who care about the development of our children as opposed to the pedophiles out there who complain that someone may take away their chance to watch kids have sex.
Disgusted: There is something sick about the producers of ‘pornographic-type’ shows like ‘Skins’ and so many more reality shows, movies, etc., etc., bad-mouthing, filthy mouths, etc, etc. Then, we wonder why there are so many pregnancies, promiscuity, etc., etc.? Kids and young people of today do not know what better morals is all about. Shame on you ‘grown ups’ or are you really ‘grown ups.’ Filth is what I call it as a mother trying to raise a decent youngster.
Nick: Went too far. It glorifies drug dealing, self-pleasure (which teens get bullied about) and teen sex. By the way, in the first episode Tony told Stan it was shameful he was still a virgin… WHAT???? Why is it shameful? It’s NOT!
Timc: If everyone does it, does that make it right? If a neighborhood pervert gets some teens to have sex for the use of filming and showing others, many would be up in arms and want to send this guy to jail for a long time. But if MTV does it, it is considered cutting edge… Give me a break. If the ‘children’ who are in this are not supposed to be watching this then they are producing something that is WRONG.
Zappers, who do you agree with?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog