skins chris crowd surf mtv 320 'Skins': MTV gives us the full moon with 'Chris'

It seems like MTV didn’t totally back off (pun intended) in its episode focusing on Chris (played by Jesse Carere) in “Skins.” 
After reports that executives were asking producers for edits to a scene of Chris naked from behind, the network went forward on showing the backside nudity. We can’t be sure, but the shot was a medium one from a distance. So, maybe, the close-up shots were edited out in a compromise? Again, we can’t be sure.
After skewing from the original series in Episode 2 when it focused on Tea (Sofia Black D’Elia), the lesbian character who replaced the U.K.’s gay Maxxie, “Skins” returned to basically following the original for the “Chris” episode. If Tea’s heavy-handed, bi-curious storyline is an indication of what the New York writers come up with when they’re in charge, it was probably best that the series returned to the original’s framework.
Chris is the tragic story of the group. He’s the moral message that no matter what a kid does, he doesn’t deserve to be abandoned by his parents. While we watched the original series, it was at this point that we were hooked. It was after Chris’ episode when we knew we wouldn’t be happy if we stopped watching.
In MTV’s version, Chris’ mother disappears leaving a wad of money in her place. Chris and the gang party it off until he realizes that his mother isn’t returning. His father, apparently, isn’t an option. He has pretty much disowned Chris (who we found out has a brother who died) and started a new family. He then turns to his crush at school, Tina – his love-challenged and lonely teacher! We end with her taking him in for a few days, but standing at the door with lust in her eyes! Judging by the way we still track Mary Kay Letourneau, we’re sure this plot turn will ruffle some feathers.
But, honestly we can now say that we gave MTV’s version a chance and that this episode wasn’t bad (the Tea episode wasn’t that horrible, just really contrived). The thing is we don’t pride ourselves on watching series that we don’t believe are great. And if it weren’t for the fact that it’s our job, we wouldn’t feel bad leaving the series at this point.
We may be the only ones. Did Chris draw you in?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog