sleepy hollow sanctuary 'Sleepy Hollow' recap: Ichabod and Abby bond in 'Sanctuary'This week’s episode of “Sleepy Hollow,” “Sanctuary,” went a little lighter on the Headless Horseman mythology in favor of a little more Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison)/Abby Mills (Nicole Beharie) bonding — and it was just what we needed after a hectic few weeks of information overload.

You could’ve called it “The Abby and Ichy Adventure Hour,” really. The case that brought our favorite unlikely pairing together involved a billionaire philanthropist socialite who disappeared while exploring her ancestors’ home. While they didn’t know how she disappeared at first and Abby balked at taking the case, Ichabod wisely stated, “Surely you’ve come to realize by now, ‘leftenant,’ that when the two of us are involved, rarely is a coincidence a coincidence.”

Throughout the episode, they realized that the socialite was related to a man Ichabod once knew who had opened his home up as a sanctuary to anyone who needed it. Of course, since this is “Sleepy Hollow,” that meant it was a sanctuary from supernatural forces, too, and Katrina had been one of his patrons. Slowly Ichabod deduced that Katrina and Lachlan Fredericks had been in a coven together, and he’d put hexes on the home to keep evil forces away.

But he never would’ve guessed why Katrina had needed his help: to have a baby. Abby had a vision of Katrina giving birth to a son. We don’t know what happened to him, and Ichabod had had no idea that he even existed. He was both delighted and heartbroken to find out that the supernatural forces broke through the hex and went after his child.

Fredericks Manor was now a haunted house, and the socialite had been trapped in some brambles growing in the closet, an extension of the evil tree creature who had gone after the baby and was still alive in the house today. Thankfully, Ichabod was able to save the day by killing the tree monster with an axe.

As a thank you, the socialite dug up some paperwork in her research that she sent to Abby, knowing it would be of great interest to her. Turns out Abby is a descendant of the woman who helped Katrina deliver her son, linking Ichabod and Abby in a more meaningful way than through their delightfully skeptical friendship.

Back at the station, some sparks flew between Frank and Jenny. Will they make that happen before the end of Season 1? Frank needs something lighthearted in his life because he seems so serious all the time — also because his ex0wife wants full custody of their daughter — and Jenny seems like just the authority-defying former juvenile delinquent to do it.

This week’s “Ichabod experiences modern life” complaints included his first trip through the McDonald’s drive thru, marveling that one person could be worth a billion dollars, and incredulity at what the traditional modern-day Thanksgiving menu is compared to the original meal shared by the Pilgrims and Indians.

What did you think of “Sanctuary”? Were you happy for a little break from the major mythology of the show? Did you like the developments in Abby and Ichabod’s relationship?

Posted by:Jean Bentley