sleepy hollow season 2 comic con 2014 'Sleepy Hollow' at Comic Con: Naked Ben Franklin, Ichabbie and more 'twistory'

Many of the fans who asked questions of the cast and producers of “Sleepy Hollow” during the show’s Season 2 panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 mentioned that they’re history buffs, and the creative team promises even more crazy spin on the U.S. history we learned in school.

“We’re calling it ‘twistory’ now,” says producer Mark Goffman. Season 2 will include the show’s trademark wacky twists on Benjamin Franklin and Benedict Arnold, among others.

Here are a few more details about what we’ll see in Season 2 that the cast, including stars Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones, John Noble, Lyndie Greenwood and more, let slip during the panel:

Ichabod in a box
Ichabod’s trapped in a grave, Abbie’s trapped in purgatory, Katrina’s trapped with Headless, Irving’s trapped in jail — everyone’s in a terrible place, and they’re not magically getting out of their predicaments in the season premiere. “We didn’t want to get out of that easily so whatever you think is coming isn’t coming,” teases Goffman.

Ichabod in a bank
The Comic-Con audience saw a clip from an upcoming Season 2 episode that begins with Ichabod and Abbie in a bank. Needless to say, Ichabod’s confused by the pen on a chain but absolutely enraged when an employee tries to sell him on a credit card — yes, more of that befuddlement at modern life that makes Crane so fun.

Headless gets his head?
Later on in that same scene, Ichabod and Abbie try to work some magic to give Headless back his head. Does it work? Find out when Season 2 begins…

War personified
John Noble — who received the loudest cheers, by the way — says Jeremy/Henry will be out in Sleepy Hollow causing trouble while everyone else is locked up. “He becomes a really interesting malevolent character,” Noble says. “Now he becomes the personification of evil and he plants seeds of doubt everywhere in everyone.”

Abbie and Jenny
It took a lot of Season 1 for the Mills girls to fully reconnect, but despite new troubles they’ll remain on the same team. “It took so much for the sisters to be getting along in the first place,” says Greenwood. “Sisters will be sisters so they’re always going to argue about something. … They’ve worked so hard to get each other back that every argument is going to get them closer in the end.”

Katrina and Headless
There’s a little bit of Stockholm Syndrome happening between Katrina and her kidnapper. “There’s a little bit of a Beauty and the Beast kind of situation,” Katia Winter says.

Katrina and Ichabod
“I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there who want me to go away,” Winter tells the Ichabbie shippers in the crowd, but you might like Katrina a bit more after some of the new episodes. “You’re going to see more in depth why [Ichabod and Katrina] love each other so much, so I hope they appreciate that at least.”

While the cast spoke a little more in depth about everyone’s favorite time-traveling supernatural crime-solving pair at the Television Critics Association panel the week before, Mison and Beharie danced around the Ichabbie questions. “I think people might just be responding to their chemistry as working partners, that’s all,” demurs Beharie.

Ichabod Crane, “Glee” fan?
Mison says that he’s pretty sure one of the things Ichabod’s done to assimilate into modern life is watched “Glee.” But did he like it? “i doubt it. No, it’s FOX — he loved it!”

Posted by:Jean Bentley