When the news is too bleak (or boring), a slow jam can make it all better. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie put that theory to the test on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” on Wednesday (June 12).

The inspiration for the governor’s “Slow Jam the News” performance was the special election coming up in New Jersey to fill a vacant Senate seat. While important, this news is not terribly interesting. That is, it’s not interesting until accompanied by the smooth sounds of a slow jam.


  • “Chris Christie’s about to give New Jersey a huge election.” This shouldn’t sound dirty. But it does.
  • Governor Chris Christie has very expressive eyebrows.
  • It’s important to include the NSA in all late-night jokes this week. 
  • “The Luv Guv.” All politicians should aspire to this title.
  • Jimmy Fallon managed to sneak in a “Yo Mama” joke. That’s both random and impressive.
  • The sideways look Jimmy gave Christie at the “my full weight” comment was far funnier than anything actually said about the joke.
  • Chris Christie really isn’t very good at slow jamming. He’s a good sport and all, but his style doesn’t work quite right. Fortunately, he’s a politician and not a career slow jammer.

Posted by:Laurel Brown