joan koplan 'Small Town Security' Season 3 premiere: Joan Koplan's Parkinson's disease, health take a turn for the worseOn Tuesday, May 6, AMC premieres the eight-episode third season of its unscripted series “Small Town Security.”
Filmed in the northern Georgia city of Ringgold, it focuses on JJK Security, a small, family-owned private security company founded in 1984 by 60-something Joan Koplan, aka “The Chief,” an outspoken police academy graduate, wannabe “star” and former public-access TV host.
Joining Joan are her husband, Irwin Koplan, aka “The Captain,” an old-school salesman; Dennis Starr, aka “The Lieutenant,” who juggles an unrequited love for Joan with a desire to turn JJK into an “elite force”; office manager Brian Taylor; secretary Christa Stephens; and Lambchop, the Chief’s beloved 14-year-old Chihuahua.

As fans saw in Season 2, Joan Koplan has been dealing with Parkinson’s disease, and when the new season opens, things have taken a turn for the worse.

“The biggest challenge,” Taylor tells Zap2it, “is with Joan’s sickness, which we deal with this year. Things got a little more difficult throughout the whole season of filming, so that was the biggest challenge overall.
“She’s still battling the Parkinson’s. She’s having some side effects with that. She’s also had some additional surgeries unrelated to the Parkinson’s. I can’t really go into detail, but maybe you’ll see as the season progresses.

“So that’s been the biggest challenge, having to deal with that. It just came out of nowhere. It’s going to be good – good in terms of just seeing how she’s having to interact and deal with that situation.
“We’ve all been really close here at the office. What we had to go through this year just got us closer together, and you’ll see as the episodes progress.
“With me, I’m still doing my thing, trying to keep the peace, so to speak, just trying to keep everybody happy. There’s some stuff that goes on this season, so I try to keep the morale up, the humor up, trying to entertain the Chief and everyone else this year.
“Basically, the plan was to just keep on entertaining everyone,” Taylor continues, “whether it’s with laughter, whatever it may be.”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare