tom welling smallville final season trailer 'Smallville' fan contest: Will you be the next guest star?“Smallville” fans are among the most rabid TV geeks ever – and here at Zap2it, we mean that with love and admiration. Some of you have followed the show for a whole decade, and now the “Smallville” bosses have found a unique way to thank you for your dedication.

Warner Bros. TV is giving fans the opportunity to appear in an upcoming episode as citizens of Metropolis who help Clark Kent (Tom Welling) through a discouraging time. In the February 4 episode, “Beacon,” Clark’s friends will show him online videos of civilians thanking “The Blur” for being a hero.

The videos will “express what The Blur means to them, what it means to be a hero – and what it means to have heroes and believe in them,” according to a Warner Bros. statement.

And one of those videos could be yours! Record a video of yourself in character as a hopeful Metropolis citizen and submit it to The CW here. Make sure to do it before Dec. 20 at 11 a.m. PST to be eligible to appear on the show! A few videos will appear in the episode, and even more will be published online for fans to view.

What do you have to tell The Blur?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie