tom welling smallville final season trailer 'Smallville': First look at final season teases flight and the suit

You heard about it at Comic-Con, and now the sneak peak at “Smallville’s” last season is available for public consumption.

The CW whets the collective fan appetite with hints of tight suits and that whole flying thing. It’s also pretty much one giant tease, but no one expects them to spill all the beans in a trailer when the payoff has been 10 seasons in the making.

So what do we see here? Well, the suit arrives in a mysterious garment box (presumably from the last Nordstrom on Krypton), Hawkman (Michael Shanks) is back for a second round and Clark (Tom Welling) still hasn’t found a woman tall enough to kiss without first propping her up on a stack of Daily Planets.

There’s also a curious red streak behind airborne Clark. Be careful with your creative license, “Smallville.” A speedy blur is one thing but an illuminated trail is quite another.

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Photo: The CW

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell