smallville fortune lo chlo 'Smallville': Lois Lane's bachelorette black out goes awryYikes, what’s in that champagne? We can’t wait to tune in for “Smallville‘s” big celebration of Lois and Clark’s impending nuptials, airing tonight (Feb. 25) at 8 p.m. EST on The CW. After Zatanna spikes a congratulatory bottle of bubbly, things go very wrong post-toast.

When we last spoke with Erica Durance, she told us that “Fortune” was one of the episodes she was most looking forward to fans seeing.

“It’s a great episode that reminds me of some of the first investigative
work she did. She finds herself having to go undercover in a very sassy
outfit, with a very surprising partner,” she says.

We now know that it’s Ollie (Justin Hartley) who will have to step in as Lois’s backup. It’s no wonder, since Clark (Tom Welling) will have his own catastrophes to deal with — apparently his idea of a fun time while “tipsy” is stealing an armored truck… and marrying Chloe?

After this episode, we won’t be seeing Allison Mack for a while — we’ve still got our fingers crossed that she’ll return for the series finale, but as of right now, this is her last episode on the books, so we hope Clark and Chloe’s accidental marriage leads to plenty of hijinks for the two old friends.

Mostly, we’re looking forward to Lois’s classic one-liners. In fact, in honor of the bachelorette bash, we put together a list of our favorite Lois quotes from Season 10 — and there are tons! Click through the gallery for all the zingers, and enjoy the episode clip below!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie