smallville lane family 'Smallville' preview: Will Lois's father drive her and Clark apart?Now that Clark (Tom Welling) has shared his secret with Lois (Erica Durance), their relationship is stronger than ever. But on the Friday, Nov. 5 episode of “Smallville,” someone will try to come between them… and that someone is Lois’s father.

General Lane (Michael Ironside) and Lois’s sister, Lucy (Peyton List) drop in on the happy couple for a surprise Thanksgiving visit. Unfortunately, the General isn’t quite as impressed with Clark as Lois is. “You live in your mother’s house and you work in a basement, is that correct?” he asks. “What exactly do you do with your time, Clark?”

Of course, Clark can’t exactly share his extracurricular activities with Lois’s family — especially because General Lane is leading the anti-superhero movement, working to pass a vigilante registration law. WIll Clark make it through the General’s interrogation? And, more importantly, will the General survive his visit to the Kent farm? His anti-vigilante campaigning has made him a prime target for assassination, and Rick Flagg (Ted Whittall) is on the warpath.

Perhaps after Clark saves the General and Lucy, he’ll get to the To-Do list that the General insists will make the farm worthy of his daughter. Apparently, the shower needs to be recaulked and there’s hay in the barn that isn’t stacked properly.

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Photo Credit: The CW

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie