smallville tom welling 320 'Smallville' recap: Back To School SpecialOn “Smallville”: It’s been a few days since Oliver came out of the superhero closet and both Clark and his Blur alter ego have been in hiding. He’s too busy moping about how Kara gets to fight that new darkness and suddenly his role as savior of Earth isn’t so well-defined anymore. Lois tries to cheer him up by dragging him to their five-year reunion at Smallville High so they can mingle with the their fellow rapidly-aging 23-year-olds. She’s miffed when none of her fellow classmates remember her, even though, by her own count, she only attended classes for five days. People remember Chloe and Lana, neither of whom attend, of course, although we get to see them in brief flashbacks as Clark takes a walk down memory lane. Also back is that “bug boy” from the first season, who shows up to deliver a message to Lois for Clark, which is: Thanks for setting me straight, bud!

Also dropping by with a message for Clark is a debugged and well-meaning Brainiac 5. He’s come from the future to 1) cut short a nutty guidance counselor’s plan to kill Clark because she’s tired of hearing about him from all her meteor freak students, and 2) school Clark so he can finally (again) decide to be a hero. That “darkness within” Clark is all about not letting go of the past, or something. First Brainiac shows Clark that it wasn’t his fault that Jonathan Kent died. Then he shows him a future some seven years hence when Lois is in on the secret and helps him in his Supermanly role. He meets his future self who has adopted the traditional glasses-and-suit look. Clark even gets to help him rescue Lois when a helicopter she’s in suddenly takes a dive and 2017’s Clark is busy taking care of some nuclear threat. Brainiac also makes Clark realize he’s been kind of an asshole friend to Oliver lately, not being there for him after the big outing. So upon returning to the present, Clark’s first task is to show up for moral support while Oliver smoothly turns the tables on a snitty interviewer.

At the end, it seems like he’s going to tell Lois his secret, having realized that everything works out just fine in the future. Instead, he asks her over to the loft for a dance and floats her off the ground while she’s not looking. Aww. Does anyone think this is the last we’ll hear of Clark’s mopey inner darkness? Yeah, me, neither.

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