smallville conner heatvision 'Smallville' recap: Conner is the genetic love child of Clark Kent and Lex LuthorWell, “Smallville” fans, Conner has two daddies!

In Friday’s episode, “Scion” — the last before a lengthy hiatus — it was revealed that Conner (Lucas Grabeel) was engineered from a combination of Lex’s DNA and Clark’s DNA (which Lex harvested from a vial of blood he swiped from Helen Bryce back in the day).

Perhaps Lois puts it better when she says, “Are you trying to tell me that Conner is the genetic love child of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor?”

Yep, pretty much.

There has been a lot of nostalgia incorporated into this final season of “Smallville,” and “Scion” was no exception. Conner’s struggle to harness his abilities was a warm reminder of Clark’s (Tom Welling) awkward teenage years, particularly when Conner nearly lit Lois (Erica Durance) up with heat vision when his hormones went a little haywire.

“You never saw what it was like,” Clark tells Lois. “Growing up being different feeling like an outsider like a freak like you were all alone. It never goes away. It’s always in there. The only thing that’s ever made me feel normal is you.”smallville conner large 'Smallville' recap: Conner is the genetic love child of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor

Aww. We admire Clark’s desire to take care of Conner the way his parents took care of him. Unfortunately, he couldn’t protect Conner from one crucial piece of information. Conner’s super-hearing helped him overhear a conversation where Clark told Tess, “We can never let him know that half of him is Luthor.”

When he meets Lionel (John Glover), though, Lionel plays a dirty trick and gives him a ring with red kryptonite in it. Uh-oh. Even wearing the red kryptonite, though, Connor makes the right decision and saves Lois from Lionel’s clutches.

Clark sees a pattern – Alterna-Lionel is trying to break Lucas the way he broke Lex. “He was my closest friend and Lionel’s influence destroyed him,” Clark says. Memories, memories.

The red kryptonite does its thing, and before we know it, Conner’s crush on Lois has officially spun out of control. He steals her a fur coat, a diamond necklace, and even a getaway car when the cops get a gander. Wacky hijinks give way to actual danger when he refuses to let her return to Clark, though.

Our girl Lois is too smart to be messed with for long. She clues in to the red rock’s influence and before you know it, she’s playing into it – demanding that Conner join her in toasting their future. But whoops — no champagne. All that journalistic integrity has made her a crappy liar, though, and the red kryptonite continues to bring out the darker side of Conner, which is far, far darker than Clark ever was.

When Clark shows up, a pretty impressive battle ensues, leaving the Luthor mansion in pieces. Just when we thought Clark had won the round, Lionel arrives with the green kryptonite, weakening Clark.

With his good side winning over, Conner finally figures out the whole heat vision thing and blows up the rock that’s torturing his “brother.” We knew he’d pull through!

Okay, so we didn’t really know anything. Still, we’re glad that in this particular instance, good won out over evil. Tess even found a chink in alterna-Lionel’s armor — his fingerprints don’t match the dead Lionel’s. With that information — and the help of some tracker-laced whiskey — Tess ousts Lionel from his position of power. She proves that her Luthor side can’t beat her, either, when she refuses to have Lionel killed.

smallville lionel darkseid 'Smallville' recap: Conner is the genetic love child of Clark Kent and Lex LuthorMeanwhile, Conner gets an application to “Smallville” high and a new last name – Kent – and the cycle begins again. Lois and Clark officially have a family!

Before the episode ended, Lionel paid a visit to Lex’s grave, and we got some ominous foreshadowing as to what may happen when Darkseid meets Luthor. Now we’re steeling ourselves for a long, painful “Smallville” hiatus — the last one ever. Judging by the preview, which gave us chills, by the way, we’re in for some tears when the show returns April 15. What are your wishes for the last run of episodes? Sound off on “Scion” in the comments below.

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