sacrifice smallville 'Smallville': The battle lines have been drawnJustin Hartley is credited as a writer of this “Smallville” episode… his character suffers a far worse fate.

Betcha didn’t know Watchtower had such fantastic security that locks down when an intruder is detected. Tess didn’t, and her infiltration very nearly cost her and Chloe’s lives.

Yeah, she just wanted the leg-up on the competition, so thanks to Oliver’s inability to keep a secret, she went diving into the computer banks of Watchtower. It takes near asphyxiation before Chloe realizes the front door can be frozen, then shattered to allow for escape. However, this means the complete destruction of ALL the info stored in the system because they’re using a tank powering the system keeping the mainframes cool. At least they’re home free, right?

Not so fast, because Amanda Waller planted a tracking device IN Tess and sent Stuart Campbell after her former boss. Our newfound White Knight initially loses track of Tess when Watchtower locks down, then is able to follow the girls to the hospital (now against Amanda’s orders), but loses them in the shuffle. Chloe hides Tess in a body bag, but only because the one way to disable the tracking device was to “kill” her. Sadly, Chloe’s conscience gets the best of her, and drives a huge atropine needle into Tess, reviving her and allowing for the distrust to resume.

On the other side of town, Clark enlists Oliver in his attempt to locate Zod. He initially finds the mortal Kandorians bonding and preserving their history, but deep down they just want Zod’s forgiveness. Clark gets Faora alone and determines that she is with child… Zod’s child. Meanwhile, Green Arrow finds himself at Castle Luthor, but only after Zod completed his dirty work. They think they have each other, what with Zod smacking Oliver into next week, but not before he gets a Kryptonite arrow in his leg. Shaken up, Oliver thinks he has Zod under control, but when your driving focus is to retrieve the Book of Rao and gain the ultimate power, nothing will stop you. Oliver pays for this with quite the nasty “Z” burned into his chest.

With his declaration of war on Checkmate, Amanda Waller tries to nip Zod in the bud, but he tosses her aside like a chewtoy in his attempt to dole out his brand of justice on Faora for betraying her own kind. What he doesn’t realize (until it’s too late) is that he also killed his spawn when he took her out. He proceeds to roast and toast the Checkmate home base and burn everybody (including Amanda, presumably) as retribution. Clark saves the mortal Kandorians from the remaining Checkmate agents, but when he discovers Zod gave powers to the rest of them for their loyalty, he realizes that the world may very well end at the hands of the newly promoted General Zod. Kneel, indeed.

Oh, and Mama Kent returns next week.

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