smallville oliver chloe 'Smallville's' Allison Mack and Justin Hartley: What's next for Chloe and Oliver?“Smallville,” now entering its tenth and final season, has seen a lot of beloved characters come and go over the years. Other than Tom Welling, only one actor from the pilot is still on the show — we’re talking, of course, about Allison Mack, who plays fan favorite Chloe Sullivan.

“I had no idea how much a part of my life this was,” Mack tells Zap2it at “Smallville’s” 200th Episode party in Vancouver. “My mother reminded me that it’s been a third of my life, so it makes a lot of sense that I would feel a little strange without it being there. It feels like the end of a huge era. It’s the closing of a chapter.”

Though many fans of the franchise were disappointed to learn that Mack’s episode order had been reduced this season, Chloe remains a focal point as she sacrifices herself to save Oliver (Justin Hartley). Try as she might to erase the evidence that she ever existed – even enlisting the help of Tess – Chloe won’t be forgotten.

“He’s going to do what any grown man would do,” Hartley says. “He’s going to move Heaven and Earth to find her. He’s got to realize what prompted her to leave and come to the
realization that she in fact did leave on her own, that she made that

We’d imagine that when Chloe does finally return, she’ll be pretty traumatized. Mack says not to be so sure. “Anything that she’s been through between when she’s kidnapped and now can’t hold a candle to what she’s been through until now,” she tells us.

Prepare yourselves for a twist or two, Chloe fans. “She will come back in a way that is very consistent with Chloe, but that hopefully will be very surprising to the fans,” executive producer Brian Peterson tells us.

“We’ve got great plans for Chloe,” adds executive producer Kelly Souders. “Our hope is that fans will be very satisfied by the way her story wraps up, and that we’ll do her justice.”

“It’s a really beautiful story,” says Hartley. “Well done by Allison, well-written, and fun to be a part of.” He does miss working with Mack on a more regular basis, though. “I love working with her. She’s great. I’m always thrilled when I see the scenes between us and everything, but she’ll be back!”

After ten years with Chloe, Mack has a very simple wish for her last few episodes. “I hope she leaves happy,” she says. And as for Oliver? “He’d better be damned grateful!”

For some dish on Oliver’s secret identity being revealed — plus Allison’s feelings on saying goodbye to “Smallville,” – don’t miss our on-the-scene video below.

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