cody coots snake salvation tmz 'Snake Salvation' preacher gets snake bite like dead father, but is healed by 'Jesus'Cody Coots, the “Snake Salvation” preacher whose father Jamie Coots was killed by a snake bite in February 2014, also suffered a dangerous bite from a snake while he was taking it out of its cage on May 26. Like his father, he also refused treatment, but Cody’s wife Brittany Coots says the Lord saved him.

“Jesus saved Cody,” she tells TMZ. “The Lord spared his life.”
After being bitten by the snake on Monday in Middlesboro, Ky., Cody’s hand swelled up, but he didn’t get any treatment. Several days later, the wound seemed to heal itself. Jamie Coots had a similar situation in February and also refused medical treatment, but that led to his death.

Along with Pastor Andrew Hamblin, Jamie was featured on the “Snake Salvation” program on National Geographic. The show profiled snake-handlers and their religion.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz