snake salvation jamie coots dies bite national geographic 'Snake Salvation' preacher Jamie Coots dies from snake bite

“Snake Salvation” preacher Jamie Coots has died from a snake bite in his Kentucky home on Saturday (Feb. 15). The Pentecostal pastor had been handling a venomous animal at his Middlesboro church when the bite occurred.

Middlesboro police said that the preacher was found in his home at about 10 p.m. Emergency workers had been called to the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name church after Coots was bitten, but he had already returned to his home. When the paramedics arrived at the house, Coots refused all medical treatment. He died about an hour later.

Along with Pastor Andrew Hamblin, Coots was featured on the “Snake Salvation” program on National Geographic. The show profiled snake-handlers and their religion. One year ago, Coots had surrendered his vipers as part of a plea bargain for violating exotic animal laws.

Posted by:Laurel Brown