jane lynch saturday night live gilly 'SNL': 'Glee' theme song, Bruno Mars and the best of Jane Lynch's episode

Let’s try our best to not gush, but Jane Lynch‘s Oct. 9 episode of “Saturday Night Live” delivered on pretty much every level, living up to the absurd expectations for Lynch’s first appearance on the series.

It was, quite simply, a pleasure to see the comedian in her element — a place few of us have ever had the chance to see her.

The skits themselves were much stronger (like other league stronger) than the offerings from the season’s first two episodes, references to “Glee” were obligatory but amusing (particularly the “Gilly” tie-in), and even the muddier moments (Do we really want to end with conjoined twins?) were buoyed by Lynch’s presence. But what worked best?

The Monologue/Gilly
How considerate of “SNL” to rip the “Glee” band-aid off right away, with Lynch performing a narcissistic rendition of the show’s theme song (co-written by Jose Cuervo), before immediately segueing into a character-assassinating spoof of the series that revived sociopolitical schoolgirl Gilly to join New Directions. Both were actually awesome and a great way to open the show.

The New Boyfriend Talk Show
Before Lynch had “Glee,” it seemed like the oversexed older woman with the checkered past was her go-to role, so the New Boyfriend Talk Show really let her play to her strengths. That Magic Johnson joke wasn’t taking it too far though… right?

Secret Word
Vintage game shows — particularly with a
celebrity component — are the key to our heart, and while its no “It’s a
Match,” “Secret Word” is always a crowd-pleaser. Lynch outdid previous
hosts’ stab at this skit by actually holding her own against Kristen Wiig‘s deluded Broadway singer Mindy Grayson by taking on a Phyllis Diller-type “comedienne.”

Digital Short
Nothing but love for random asides, but naked, fetal Jane Lynch spooning Andy Samberg on a therapists’ couch might haunt us forever.

Sunday Night Football
How many years have the “SNL” writers been waiting to make fun of Faith Hill‘s absurd “Sunday Night Football” song? We’re glad they waited, because we were still holding out for more of Lynch singing.

Bruno Mars
Honestly, after sacrificing performance for theatricality last week with Kanye West, Bruno Mars could pulled an Ashlee Simpson and we would have liked it more. Dressed in identical suits with his bandmates, Mars looked like the hipster version of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons — and didn’t sound anywhere near as shrill. Charmball.

Are we delusional or did you like it too?

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credit: NBC

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell