snl gun control 'SNL' gun control cold open and more great sketches from Vince Vaughn's episode

Vince Vaughn‘s April 13 episode of “Saturday Night Live” had plenty of high points, though its host wasn’t always in them. From the gun control cold open to “SNL’s” homage to Margaret Thatcher to the hilarious “Stormy Skies” Weather Channel soap opera, here were the best sketches of the night:

Gun control cold open

Vince Vaughn’s audience-inclusive monologue

Al Pacino and HBO partner on biopics

The Weather Channel soap opera “Stormy Skies”

“History of Punk” honors Margaret Thatcher

Short Term Memory Loss Theater

Weekend Update with LL Cool J and Brad Paisley

 What was your favorite sketch of the night?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz