seth meyers last saturday night live amy poehler andy samberg 'SNL': Seth Meyers gets Amy Poehler, Andy Samberg and Stefon for his goodbyeMelissa McCarthy took on “Saturday Night Live” for the third time — did it live up to her first two hosting gigs, where she turned in a couple of go-for-broke performances? Well … not exactly.

McCarthy always gives 110 percent, but the material given to her this time around was pretty weak. In fact, you could have just turned off the show after “Weekend Update’s” goodbye to Seth Meyers.

Thoughts on the episode here, with video to come Sunday morning:

The Good

Super Bowl Cold Open: With the premise that Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have to cancel on the Super Bowl halftime, the NFL grabs whoever is available and that turns out to be some Broadway stars. The halftime show turns into a hilariously theatrical performance, with Kenan Thompson as Broadway legend Ben Vereen playing Richard Sherman and lyrics like, “There’s no Seattle, there’s no Denver, there’s just love.” The best part is Jay Pharoah, whose Michael Strahan is totally into it.

Some Dumb Little Thing from CVS commercial: For the guys who forget about Valentine’s Day until they’re walking through the aisles at CVS — “For a naughty surprise you know she’ll love, pick up some G-rated CVS brand sex dice.”

Women’s Group: In this one, McCarthy is surrounded by women who want to learn how to set up their Kindle or or who want to take more photographs or who admire Jennifer Hudson, while McCarthy’s vision board details how she’ll exact revenge against the man who killed her father, though coincidentally, her vision board also has yogurt.

Black History Month digital short: “Here’s 28 reasons to hug a black guy today: No. 1, we deserve a chance, 2 through 28: Slavery” and “When I say ‘slavery,’ you say ‘sorry.'” Heh.

Imagine Dragons: The Grammy-winning alternative band was solid for both performances, not that anything less was expected.

Weekend Update
: It was Seth Meyers’ last “Saturday Night Live” and his “Weekend Update” segment was top-notch:

  • “This Sunday, the Super Bowl will be played in MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, just as soon as they finally convince Eli Manning to leave the field. ‘Hey, you did your best! Not your fault, bud. C’mon sweetheart, we got pizza rolls.”
  • “During a ceremony this week at the Vatican in which two doves were released by children in the name of world peace, a seagull and crow swooped down and attacked the doves. Said former Pope Benedict, ‘Excellent, my pets.'”
  • “The four members of Motley Crue have decided to dissolve the group after they complete this final tour, while fans of the band have decided to dissolve something in your drink when you’re not looking.”
  • Then Stefon and Amy Poehler show up to say goodbye to Seth Meyers, who is leaving to take over as the host of “Late Night” when Jimmy Fallon goes to “The Tonight Show.” Stefon calls Meyers “The Sting of ‘SNL,'” because it “takes him 12 years to finish.”
  • Andy Samberg drops a little Boyz II Men and Meyers says, “This is the job I always wanted” and gets choked up, then after they’ve signed off, Fred Armisen pops into frame as the show displays a tribute to Pete Seeger, the famous folk singer who died earlier this week.

“Girlfriends” Talk Show: McCarthy was funny as divorcee Donna Ruth, plus Aidy Bryant is one of the best things about “SNL” this year and she was delightful in this sketch — “I’ve been to all the bases with all the boys, and I’ll even go in the dugout.”

The Not-So-Good

The Monologue: McCarthy’s monologue wasn’t the strongest bit of the night. In lieu of dancing, which is what she did the first two times she hosted, McCarthy had a martial arts fight with Bobby Moynihan on wires. Props for degree of difficulty — and the llama — but it wasn’t overly funny.

Congresswoman Sheila Kelly: This send-up of Rep. Michael Grimm recently leveling threats against a reporter fell a little flat. We had high hopes of an “Outside the Lines”-type sketch, but it just didn’t work.

Guess That Phrase!: McCarthy certainly gives her all, but this sketch where she played a crazy game show contestant also fell flat.

The Danny Trance art museum sketch: *sigh* The best part of this sketch was Melissa McCarthy’s wig.

The Summer of Diane: *double sigh* McCarthy’s comedic gifts are really wasted watching her chow down on chicken wings.

Super Champions with Kyle: Again, you could’ve turned off the show after “Update.”

What did you think of “SNL” this week?

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