sytycd season8 finale four 'So You Think You Can Dance': Marko, Sasha, Tadd, Melanie or Katie Holmes?

We’ve come to the end of the road. Season 8 of “So You Think You Can Dance” closes out tomorrow with the crowing of either Marko, Sasha, Tadd or Melanie.

It was pretty much anyone’s game — except for maybe Tadd — going into the final performance night, but as judge and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe noted at the end of the exhausting two hours, it’s probably one for the ladies.

Not that everyone didn’t make a valiant go of it. Between the solos, all-star dances and multiple pairings with each other, each member of the final four delivered at least one remarkable performance.

Our favorites? Marko and Melanie’s Disco inferno (if only for the reunion of the original duo), Sasha’s synchronized mohawk dance with all-star Mark Kanemura, Sasha and Marko’s delightfully sexual “single diner flirts with waiter” dance and the girl-vs-girl match-up between Melanie and Sasha.

Katie Holmes, joining the judges panel with Kenny Ortega, also ended up being one of savvier guests this season, padding her promotion of “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” by fawning over the top 4 and being the millionth person to publicly acknowledge Cat Deeley‘s long overdue Emmy nomination.

So who’s winning? Based on judges’ feedback, we’re giving it to Melanie. But based on the often overlooked emotional vote of reality TV fans, it could go to teary-eyed, bullet-lodged-in-his-shoulder Marko. Sasha shouldn’t be discounted either. (Sorry, Tadd.)

Have your say on who’s taking it home in our finale poll…

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell