sytycd top 20 2 'So You Think You Can Dance' results: Iveta, Missy, Wadi and Nick head homeThe first time out of the gate, all 20 “So You Think You Can Dance” season 8 contestants got a reprieve — all made it to week two. But, that mercy really only delayed the inevitable. On Thursday’s (June 23) show, four dancers faced elimination.

Missy and Wadi, who danced a cha-cha — well out of street dancer Wadi’s wheelhouse — were the first to end up in the bottom three. Good thing Wadi got that offer to move in with guest judge Debbie Reynolds. Next up, Iveta and Nick, who kind of drew the short straw with Wednesday’s Bollywood routine. Finally, Ryan and Ricky — whose performance was somewhat eclipsed by Ryan’s post-dance wardrobe malfunction.

Just for kicks, let’s compare to last week’s bottom seven dancers (seven because Mitchell was unable to perform thanks to a bum elbow): Mitchell, Jordan, Tadd, Clarisse, Jess, Miranda and Robert.) Totally different — meaning it is so early in the competition it’s still anyone’s game. At least for another few minutes.

Time for a break from the tension with a number from dance troupe Rage Crew.  These pint-sized dancers sporting bustiers and leather — sorry — totally put Willow Smith to shame in the moves department.

On to the dance-off:

Wadi — the guy who had never partnered before hitting the “So You Think You Can Dance” stage — returns to his wheelhouse, hip-hop, with a gravity defying performance.

Missy opts for a sort of fierce contemporary-meets-pop and lock-meets-burlesque routine. We’re not sure it did her any favors.

Nick, our tap dancer, brings down the house — and when we say brings down, we mean dampens the enthusiasm with a ho-hum tap routine.

Iveta, the resident ballroom dancer, totally rocks it out with a solo samba that can only be described as hot tamale train maeterial.

Next up, Ricky turns in an utterly athletic (and topless) performance that convinces us he’s for real.

Finally, Ryan — she of the perma-grin — turns in a scattered performance that is 90 percent hair-ography and about 10 percent choreography. We’re slightly worried, but she seems to be a judges’ favorite so we’ll see.

LMFAO — a younger, kind of hipper take on the Black Eyed Peas perform their hit “Party Rock Anthem.” We totally lost our mind and had a good time. Must’ve been the guy who dances with a box on his head or the fire extinguisher prop.

Time for the bad news, as delivered by Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and cutie-pie Debbie Reynolds.

First the girls: Ballroom dancer Iveta, who fought her way to the top 20 three years in a row, and Missy, head home. Ryan — who Nigel admits didn’t really dance to save her life — stays in the competition.

Then the guys: Wadi may have to take Debbie Reynolds up on that offer after all, because he’s out. As is Nick, the tapdance kid, who joins his partner Iveta in leaving the show. Ricky, Ryan’s partner, stays.

That’s it until next week.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson