sytycd ryan ricky 'So You Think You Can Dance' results: Ryan and Alexander knocked out of competition“So You Think You Can Dance” isn’t just any old dance reality show. It’s an Emmy-nominated show. On Thursday (July 14), host Cat Deeley snagged her first Emmy nom, which Nigel Lythgoe declared “long overdue. The show also picked up seven more nominations — five of them for choreographed numbers.

But, no surprise here, there wasn’t any sign of an inflated ego slowing Cat down as she led us through yet another results show. This time the top 12 faced elimination just one week before partners are split up — Oh no! Melanie and Marko! — and the all stars are added in to the mix.

The three couples in this week’s bottom three: Caitlynn and Mitchell, Ryan and Ricky and (shocker!) Sasha and Alexander.

All danced for their life, but we didn’t get to find out who would go home until after erstwhile Pussycat Doll and soon-to-be “X Factor” judge Nicole Scherzinger performed her new single, “Right There.” Well done, especially the bits where she mimicked a three-year-old: “Me like the way that you’re dancing.”

But, even the most energetic and leggy guests only delay the inevitable. Finally, we got to the elimination.

So, who went home?

The judges were unanimous in sending Ryan home.

“Ryan,” said top judge Nigel Lythgoe, “we felt as though you were a little lackluster last night and I don’t think we felt that you did your solo as well as we know you can dance this evening. You seem down and depressed.”

Well she is now.

On to the boys.

Despite “finding himself” in Wednesday evening’s competition, Alexander lost his slot tonight. Marking, it should be noted, the first time dancers from different pairs were eliminated from the show this season.

“Tonight your solo let you down very badly technically,” said Nigel. “There were so many things that went wrong. Even though last night you really showed us what you can do, tonight you will be going home.”

On to the all-stars.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson