so you think you can dance recap season 10 auditions fox 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 10 auditions: Which was the best audition in Detroit?

“So You Think You Can Dance” moved on to Detroit for the second audition show of Season 10. What did they find there? Check out videos of some of the best and vote for your favorite.

Jade Zuberi

The reality-bending dancer definitely took the judges for a ride through some beautiful animation — and they sent him straight to Las Vegas.

Amy Yakima

Memorable for the “dad jazz” alone, Amy was also an incredibly beautiful and surprisingly passionate dancer. The judges waited only long enough for all of them to praise her before handing over a Vegas ticket.

“I was so happy you were good!” — Nigel

Morgan “Mo” Williams

Does this guy actually have better abs than tWitch? We didn’t get enough of a chance to compare the boys. Unfortunately. Nigel wanted to send Mo to choreography, but Mary insisted on the guy going straight to Vegas.

“Woo!” — Mary

Will “Sysco” Green

Is it spelled “the jitt”? Or “jit”? Either way, it’s an interesting style. Kind of like someone doing the Charleston who then accidentally stumbled into some breakdancing.

And then there was the hip-rolling with Mary. That may have been one of the most truly sexy dances I’ve ever seen. They enjoyed sending him to choreography.

Alas, Sysco’s freestyling didn’t work with Nigel, and the young man was sent home.

Garrett Frye

This guy is a good argument for dancing being more about attitude than specific skill. Garrett was a lot of fun to watch, even if he wasn’t much of a real dancer. I personally would have chosen choreography, but I’m not a pro dancer or anything.

Tyrone Cobham, Jr.

Yay! Tap-dancing! There can never be enough tap-dancing on “SYTYCD.” And this guy was good. Very good. One of the best ever — so of course he went to Las Vegas.

F.A.M.E. Dance Crew — Daryl “Smilez” Harrell, DeFonte “Prince Charming” Thomas and three others

Sure, they may be exotic dancers at a strip club, but these guys really do know how to dance. Smilez was the better one in my opinion, but they were all fun. The judges asked the two with actual names to go to choreography.

Alas, Smilez didn’t make it through choreography — Prince Charming did.

Do you have a favorite dancer yet? Which was better Los Angeles or Detroit?

Posted by:Laurel Brown