so you think you can dance season 10 premiere los angeles fox 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 10 premiere: Who were your favorites in Los Angeles

“So You Think You Can Dance” is back for Season 10 with more hopeful, talented and occasionally insane dancers all trying for a chance to be the best.

The season’s auditions started out in Los Angeles. Some were great. Some were just okay. And then there were the … interesting ones. Remind yourself of your favorites and then vote here.

Du-Shaunt “Fik-Shun” Stegall

This street dancer from Las Vegas had some really incredible robot moves that made everything look like a camera effect. There’s a reason why the judges let him keep dancing for ages — you didn’t want to stop watching that. Since the judges sent him to Vegas without a word, they loved it. Of course, since he lives in Las Vegas, you’ve got to wonder what that ticket says.

Malece Miller

This contemporary dancer from Salt Lake City started off with a good sob story and a good sob. She also came with a good and enthusiastic mother. While her moves were impressive, the showmanship was a bit lacking. The judges were cool with it though and gave Malece a ticket.

Paul Karmiryan

People are allowed to win “So You Think You Can Dance” in another country and then audition here? Weird. Not that Paul wasn’t an excellent dancer. I wonder how Latin ballroom played in Armenia. But it sure worked here. Paul was a lot of fun to watch. There wasn’t much question that he was going to Las Vegas.

Elijah Laurant

It’s not a “SYTYCD” audition episode without a crazy/genius dancer. I’m not sure about the tutu around the neck, but who am I to judge someone so strangely beautiful? The judges didn’t do much judging either. They just gave him a ticket.

Too bad we couldn’t see more of that Polynesian dancer. He was cool.

Taylor Ward

You can switch from softball to dance in just a few months? I’m going to guess she didn’t just start then. Freaky knee injury though. It didn’t seem to bother the judges much — they sent her to choreography.

Morris Isby
This b-boy was actually dancing in his audition — not always a given with this style. But seriously, awesome musicality. Not that the judges ever trust the dancing skills of a b-boy. They sent Morris to choreography.

Armen “Armen-Way” Avetisov

A Russian (?) rapper who dances. Of course. I’m not exactly sure what this style was, but he was very enthusiastic in it. Ballroom, I guess. Near PDA with his partner

Eric and Lorenzo Chapman

Awwww … They teach cute little kids hip-hop dancing! By “SYTYCD” standards, the brothers weren’t absolutely amazing, but you can’t not love them. That’s okay. They just wanted to gain exposure for their organization.

Morris didn’t make it through choreography, but Taylor did.

So which auditions were your favorites? Have we seen any Top 20 dancers yet?

Posted by:Laurel Brown