so you think you can dance new orleans audition poll fox 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 11 premiere video: Which were the best auditions?

“So You Think You Can Dance” Season 11 premiered with auditions in New Orleans and Chicago on Wednesday (May 28). Which of the featured dancers and auditions were the best? Watch a few of the hopeful dancers and vote on your favorites in the poll.

New Orleans

Shelby Rase (and her bottle-dancing dad) — contemporary

Shelby got a ticket to the Los Angeles callbacks. Her dad did not.

Tanisha Belnap — ballroom (without a partner!)

She got a ticket.

Shelby (“Skip”) and Shane Skipper — hip-hop

Skip auditioned in Season 6. Shane is his little brother. They have an impressive handshake. Skip got to go to choreography while Shane went home.

Megan Marcano — jazz

It’s a safe bet that Megan is going to win for inspiring story of the season. She’s also pretty amazing at the dancing thing. And she got a ticket to L.A.

Trevor Bryce — ballet (or maybe hip-hop)

It’s hard to say what this was other than astounding. He couldn’t not get a ticket.

Courtney Barnes — hip-hop (?)

Nigel Lythgoe: “You’ve lost your horse.”

This was different. Not bad, mind you, but different. Different is kind of the only way to describe it. Apparently, Wendy Williams is another way to describe it. Courtney got to go to choreography.

Novien Yarber — contemporary

He started off by crying. The dancing was good though and didn’t exactly merit tears.

Caleb Brauner — contemporary

His dad died since last year’s auditions. That’s sad. Happier is that he got to go to choreography.

Jacoby Jimmerson — hip-hop/zumba

The guy did zumba with Wayne Brady. That works. Despite being a big guy, Jacoby was surprisingly nimble. Alas, it was not enough.

Brooklyn Fullmer and Marcouet Hill — Latin ballroom

He was Witney Carson’s audition partner two years ago (but was too young). She is just really good. They got tickets.


Nick Garcia — Latin ballroom

Nick got Mary’s first scream, so obviously that’s good. Good enough for a ticket even.

Rudy Abreu — contemporary

He likes to emphasize the scar on his abdomen while dancing. It’s definitely different. But it’s a good different that earned a ticket.

Caleb Brauner (yes, again) —


He wasn’t happy with his New Orleans performance, so Caleb came back in Chicago. He went to choreography again. This time he got a ticket.

Take You Down” (with the Fame Crew, Mary Murphy and Jenna Elfman) — hip hop

Technically, “SYTYCD” didn’t show the auditions. But the stripper dancing should count too, right?

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