sytycd top 12 'So You Think You Can Dance' top 12: Who's going to the top 10?

You want to be in the top 10? You can’t handle the top 10!

And as much as effusive “Modern Family” star and guest judge Jesse Tyler Ferguson would like all the dancers to carry on for another week, two more members of the “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 8 cast will fall during Thursday’s results.

So before we tear these happy partnerships apart, forcing the remaining 10 into the strong, experienced arms of the “SYTYCD” all-stars, they get one more night together.

And two dances. 

But who made the best of their first double feature — and who’s almost definitely dancing for their life this week? We’ve got analysis, couple by couple, right here:

Alexander and Sasha

Dance #1: Tony Meredith and Melanie Lapatin (she of the greatest “SYTYCD” moment ever) choreograph a postmodern Paso Doble where the dancers play dueling matadors. The judges don’t go overboard in their praise, but Sasha gets higher marks than Alexander.

Dance #2: The tables turn, and the judges say that Alexander bests Sasha. Nigel even goes so far as to say that she’s been carrying him. Not anymore. Still, neither of their dances really broke through — and they could easily be in the bottom tomorrow.

Tadd and Jordan

Dance #1: Travis Wall scores again with a super-dark contemporary routine about vulture trying to eat some dying dude who ends up snapping its neck. (No, really.) Jordan’s leg lifts are particularly amazeballs, and the judges go wild.

Dance #2: Weird from beginning to end, this Broadway tune with bonkers outfits and a “Rent” soundtrack left the judges underwhelmed. Their first routine should be strong enough to keep them safe from elimination though.

Ryan and Ricky

Dance #1: If you’re going to dress a duo up like Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire in some bizarre old movie fan-fic, you’re going to have to dance better than this. The Broadway routine left us feeling cold and increasingly unhappy with Ryan.

Dance #2: Could this be a “SYTYCD” first? Mary Murphy awards the rigorous Cha Cha with a ticket on the hot tamale train for… just one of the dancers. Ryan was left at the station, while Ricky rode off to whatever town the HTT visits.

Catlynn and Mitchell

Dance #1: You could tell the judges were going out of their way not to slam choreographer Christopher Scott for his melodramatic piece about Ugandan children forced to serve in the military, choreographed to some disco remix of Lupe Fiasco. At it’s best, it’s awkward. At it’s worst, it’s offensive. Sorry guys. 

Dance #2: Travis Wall does it again, blessing the duo with a redemptive jazzy number that washed the sour aftertaste from that Uganda mess from our dance palates. Still, they’re in jeopardy.

Melanie and Marko

Dance #1: Oh hey, Louis Van Amstel. The “Dancing With the Stars” pro choreographed a tango for this season’s strongest couple, and they delivered on every level. Nigel even thought that it was their biggest challenge of the season.

Dance #2: These two can do no wrong in our book, and with a contemporary routine Dee Caspary, they have two incredibly strong dances going with them into tomorrow’s votes.

Jess and Clarice

Dance #1: This routine may have won us over… if it wasn’t for the props. The whole concept (a girl who doesn’t like the way she looks, set to Bruno Mars’ “Amazing”) felt too literal, and Jess has a hard time selling hip-hop. We don’t know how the audience didn’t burst into laughter when he turned around the set-piece to reveal a portrait of Clarice.

Dance #2: Hot damn, a dance without a backstory! This episode-ending jive was just straightforward fun, though the judges did think the duo lost steam towards the end. And who could blame them? This show’s been going on for two hours.

So who’s it going to be, folks? We’re ready to say goodbye to Ryan, but we’re still torn over the boys.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell