pepsi vergara 2 Sofia Vergara, David Beckham like Pepsi, the beachSofia Vergara, with all curves present and accounted for, conjures soccer star/trophy husband David Beckham in a new ad for Diet Pepsi.

In the 30 second spot, Vergara is contemplating a long line at a Venice Beach soda stand when she has a brainstorm: Post a message to Twitter (nice cross-promo!) that David Beckham is on the pier, far away from any Pepsi products. Since everyone in the world (or on Venice Beach) follows Vergara on Twitter and has their phone set up to send them instant alerts when she tweets, the gaggle of soda seekers instantly run toward the promise of a Becks sighting. Vergara’s access to her Diet Pepsi is immediate and she’s enjoying it when David Beckham turns up to ask what all the fuss is about. Surprise.

Reminder: This isn’t Vergara’s first ad for Pepsi. This is:

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson