sofia vergara thong butt pic whosay Sofia Vergara flaunts rear end in thong bikini WhoSay pic

Sofia Vergara enjoyed plenty of time poolside over Father’s Day weekend, and took to her WhoSay account to share that experience with her followers. But the “Modern Family” star shared much more than just her experience in one image, which revealed a large portion of her behind as she sunbathed in a thong bikini bottom.

“Where @keegankillian and [manager] @luisbalaguer cant find me!!!” she posts as the caption for the image. It also posted to her Twitter account. Several days before, Vergara had posted another “pool party” photo that showed her hanging out poolside, though she wore a bathing suit that covered her up more in that shot.

Of course, Vergara has a well-documented history flaunting her beach-ready body. From her 2011 Cabo vacation to her Pepsi commercial to this Agent Provocateur one piece, Vergara is no stranger to sharing too much with the 4.6 million people who follow her on Twitter. But when you’ve got a body as good as hers, you might as well flaunt it — right?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz