sons of anarchy huang wu preview 'Sons of Anarchy'   'Huang Wu' preview: Jax and Tara fallout, the Irish are back

What a whirlwind Season 6 of “Sons of Anarchy” had turned out to be. At the eye of the storm, per usual, is Jax (Charlie Hunnam). After the events of “John 8:32,” he knows that Tara (Maggie Siff) lied about being pregnant and miscarrying his child.
The next episode, “Huang Wu,” deals with the inevitable fallout between the two, now that Tara’s secret is out. How will he react to her and, maybe more importantly, how will she react to him? Their relationship has never been easy, but most of the negativity in it has been on Jax’s side. For the first time, Tara is the one to blame. Is she really, though?
Once upon a time Tara was a young surgeon with a successful future ahead of her. Now she’s going to trial and sinking to scary lengths to do what she things is right.
Then there’s the matter of Gemma (Katey Sagal). Jax said some pretty horrible things about his mom before realizing they were all played by Tara, now the biker queen is back in his inner-circle, possibly in a stronger position than ever. She will, no doubt, have some thoughts to share on the situation and everyone involved.

Th Irish are also back in the picture, after sitting out the last episode. The club is still trying to sever ties with the IRA and Jax wants to deliver one of the kings to D. A. Patterson (CCH Pounder) to get the club out of trouble for the school shooting.
Who knows how this is all going to actually work, but seeing as the Irish get a distinct joy out of cutting bikers into tiny pieces, SAMCRO needs to be careful.

“Sons of Anarchy” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.
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