sons of anarchy john 832 recap 'Sons of Anarchy'   'John 8:32' recap: Jax knows Tara lied, the homeless woman returns

Well, the secret is out. At the end of the latest “Sons of Anarchy” episode, “John 8:32,” Jax (Charlie Hunnam) was forced to realize just what Tara (Maggie Siff) has done to secure the future of her kids, away from the club. He takes the news that the pregnancy and miscarriage were fake about as well as you’d expect.
Gemma (Katey Sagal) tries to tell him, and so does Nero (Jimmy Smits), but it’s hard to hear the words from people so deeply involved in the situation. It even got to the point of Jax and Nero throwing punches. Nero simply tried to talk some sense to Tara, but she relayed a different, far more horrible version, of the events to Jax, who felt compelled to act. The truth also came out about Gemma being forced to sleep with Clay (Ron Perlman) in front of prison guards, something that helped melt Jax’s defenses against his mom.
In the end, Jax went to Unser (Dayton Callie) and Ally Lowen (Robin Weigert) to get the full story. He got to Lowen by intimidating her with a gun, which has her talking pretty quickly. She also clued Tara in on the fact that Jax knows what really happened, though their confrontation didn’t happen just yet. When it does, it’s bound to be an epic meltdown of a fight.
As for business, Barosky (Peter Weller) is severing his ties with SAMCRO for now because of the pressure D. A. Patterson (CCH Pounder) is putting on him. She closed down his bakery and also nixed the Deosa expansion. Until the school shooting smoke clears, SAMCRO has no business opportunities in Stockton.
To finally put an end to it all, the club agrees to have Jax sit down with Patterson and offer up the Irish, in exchange for SAMCRO’s immunity and Tara’s charges going away. It’s an interesting move by Jax and one that could easily get him killed. He wants to bring down the IRA all by himself.
Jax’s other big run in of the episode was with a new character named Brooke (Hayley McFarland). She bursts into his life by beating one of the club’s bikes with a pipe wrench, before throwing it through the window of the club house/ice cream shop.
It turns out Brooke’s mother was killed in the car accident caused by the big rig truck that took Jax’s father’s life. In visiting Brooke’s dad, Jax learns she has some mental and emotional problems, and that the family is struggling financially and losing their house. While packing, Brooke came across an article about the accident and blamed the club.
Jax also spies a photo of the dead mom, who bares a striking resemblance to the homeless woman that both Jax and Gemma have encountered in previous seasons, during times of emotional turmoil. Even Jax mentions that she looks familiar. Later, after Jax works out a deal to save the man’s house and has a talk with the girl, she leaves the clubhouse only to cross paths with the homeless woman, perhaps bringing that long-running story full circle.
The mother hasn’t noticeably aged at all, still seeming rather young. Maybe she’s a guardian angel looking over Charming? Who knows if her appearance in the town will ever be truly explained, it’s just good to know when needed, she’s there. Perhaps she didn’t actually die in the accident and ended up homeless for some reason, amnesia or something.
In an attempt to make at least some things right, Jax works out a deal with the father’s boss, so the family won’t lose their house. When Brooke asks why he would do that, Jax replies, “It’s just my way of saying sorry to a mother.”
Clay made quite an impact, with a little preacher act, before taking a bite out of a prison guard’s face. Oh that Clay, a nonstop laugh riot. It was all in an effort to get put in a special part of the prison where he’d be able to make contact with the Irish. In the end the cop he bit got some payback though, as he gave Clay a good beating while he was strapped down. There wasn’t a ton of movement on the Irish deal in the episode, but things seem to be on track to boost Clay from his prison transport.
A final revealed truth was Gemma coming clean to Nero about what really happened with the death of John Teller. Gemma says he became a weak link and, while she didn’t kill him, she gave Clay her blessing.
While this week’s “Sons of Anarchy” wasn’t as action-packed as recent episodes, it may have moved the story forward more than any single installment of the show in the past. Everything got turned around from where it was last week, and the possible origin explanation of the homeless woman resolved, at least partially, a question fans have had since Season 1.
What did you think of “John 8:32”?
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