sons of anarchy sweet and vaded recap 'Sons of Anarchy'   'Sweet and Vaded' recap: Tara's plan in action, Venus gets violent

Just when it looked like things were headed in the right direction, it all fell apart on “Sons of Anarchy.” After Jax (Charlie Hunnam) finally came to terms with his misdeeds in leading SAMCRO, and the beginning of the club’s rebuilding effort, the president’s personal life took a sharp turn.
Viewers have seen that Tara (Maggie Siff) plans to divorce Jax and gets her kids away from Charming, into the custody of Wendy (Drea de Matteo) if needed. The biggest obstacle in the way of that has always been Gemma (Katey Sagal). There’s no way she’d just let someone take her grandchildren away.
As it turns out, she won’t have much of a choice. Tara has been learning from Gemma for years and finally put those tricks to use, faking an attack from Gemma that makes it seem like it caused her to have a miscarriage, after the supposed revelation earlier in the season that she was pregnant. Tara’s plan was so perfect, it’s almost disturbing.
Right up until the moment that Tara jammed herself into that table, viewers were led to believe she was expecting, which made the moment incredibly jarring. Then the pieces started falling together. That’s why she was shown taking her own blood, and who else could fake a pregnancy as well as a doctor with access to all the machinery and paperwork?
Telling the authorities that Gemma kicked her in the stomach, causing the miscarriage, was all the ammunition she needed to get a restraining order against her mother-in-law, which assures they won’t have a chance to take her kids, no matter what. Even Jax had to agree that his mother needed to be kept away from his children for their own safety.
That wasn’t all that went down during the episode, though.  D.A. Patterson (CCH Pounder) tried to flip Nero (Jimmy Smits) on the club, which isn’t very likely. It was all a bluff anyway, since she knows Toric (Donal Logue) was the man behind the escort murder. It was simply Patterson’s last ditch effort, before going to trial against Tara.
Her other idea is to go after Barosky (Peter Weller), by threatening the retirement fund he holds dearly. It’s strange to see Barosky in a position of weakness against Patterson, as he always seems to be in total control. With Jax continuing to involve him in club affairs, that puts SAMCRO in a vulnerable path, should he decide to turn.
The boys also got a new clubhouse, for the time being. In an oddly poetic move, SAMCRO has moved into an ice cream and candy shop on the main drag in Charming. With a new place to congregate, plus the great news that the jury table survived the bombing, it seems only fitting to vote in the new members recruited by Bobby (Mark Boone Junior). The club also votes to make Ratboy (Niko Nicotera) a full patch, so his prospect days are behind him.

sons of anarchy sweet and vaded recap 1 'Sons of Anarchy'   'Sweet and Vaded' recap: Tara's plan in action, Venus gets violent

Venus Van Dam (Walton Goggins) is back in the picture once again, after sharing a scene with Gemma in “Salvage.” Tig (Kim Coates) is the first person who sees her, and once again he’s positively smitten. She needs the club’s help to gt her son away from his grandmother, as it seems the older woman has a penchant for filming pornography with kids.
Things get pretty crazy as the club tries to get the boy away from his grandma. At one point, Venus even gets her hand on a gun and sends shots flying. She says that’s the Vincent in her coming out. It’s also revealed that the boy doesn’t know Venus is his parent. She doesn’t want the young man to have to deal with that. In the end they got the boy away from the grandma, but not before Jax put a bullet in her head ending the twisted business once and for all.
As the Venus story comes to an end for the week, her son gets sent away to live a peaceful life, while Van Dam herself finds solace in Tig’s arms. Things really seem to be turning around for Tig, especially when he was almost written off for dead earlier in the season.
It was one of the only bright spots at the end of the episode, with Nero still locked up, Gemma in custody, and Jax approving the restraining order against his mother, while mourning the loss of his child he doesn’t know was never real. At least Chucky (Michael Ornstein) was happy, as he handed out candy to children from the new clubhouse. It had to be better than serving chili to bikers.
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