jason hervey kurt sutter sons of anarchy gi 'Sons of Anarchy' and 'The Devils Ride' creators settle Twitter feud

Finally, peace has come to the televised motorcycle gang world. It all started when “Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter went back and forth on Twitter with someone associated with “The Devils Ride,” a reality show on Discovery.
Eventually, Sutter and his Twitter sparring partner buried the hatchet and the former asked for the “Devils Ride” hate to come to an end. However, that show’s executive producer, one-time “Wonder Years” star Jason Hervey, wasn’t done with the situation.
During an appearance on “FOX and Friends,” Hervey said Sutter liked to think of himself as the “Moses of the MC community.” Now he’s changed his tune. In a tweet sent out Monday (Feb. 24), Hervey writes, “@TheDevilsRide & @SonsofAnarchy drama is OVER, Kurt- ur fans r awesome &have your back! And TDR fans, u rock! L&R 2 @sutterink @TDRadvisor.”
Sutter retweeted the message and all is well in the MC kingdom. Still, it would be pretty funny to see SAMCRO take on a reality TV show biker gang somewhere in Season 7 of “Sons of Anarchy.”
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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